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Chiropractic for Post Partum

Chiropractic post partum care

Can Chiropractic help post partum issues?  Many of us know that chiropractic is the best form of care for low back pain, including sciatica. What surprises many of my patients, is learning that those same nerve roots are responsible for the health of our internal organs as well.  Organs we can’t feel, like the uterus, bladder, small and large intestines, and ovaries.  During pregnancy there are millions of different hormonal and chemical changes occurring in the mother and developing baby.  All of which are orchestrated by the central nervous system.

Regular chiropractic care keeps the central nervous system free from interference, restoring proper nerve supply to these vital organs, ligaments, muscles, and joints.  Regular visits prepare the body to be strong, balanced, and to reduce stress and discomfort during the changes of pregnancy.  Most importantly, structural rebuilding for post partum care is one of the most important, yet most overlooked, phases of care.