“On the Road to Perfect Recovery”

Dearest Dr. Emerald, Thank you so very much for doing a great adjustment. My back and whole being are on the road to perfect recovery. Thanks, Alice

“Greatly Improved My Quality of Life”

Dear Dr. Emerald, Thanks for everything! The adjustments have greatly improved my quality of life. Now I can work comfortably without being in pain. -Liyana

“Views Treatment Very Holistically”

Dr. Mojica is treating my 12 year old daughter for a concussion, he’s very good at explaining each treatment he does & makes my daughter feel comfortable. He views treatment very holistically. -Avery

“Adjustments are Very Precise”

The adjustments are very precise, and he is very in tune with what needs to be adjusted in order to help me heal well and as fast as possible. Definitely the best chiropractor I have been to! -Leilani

“I Appreciated the Knowledge & Care”

Amazing. Although there was a transition in the team, I was taken care of very well. I appreciated the knowledge & care here. My insurance doesn’t work here, yet, but its the service & the quality of it that I value, & keeps me coming back. Thank you! -Christine

Thank you Dr. Mukai!!!

Hello, my name is Evayla Braxton. I am nine. I had asthma, lots of pressure on my chest, and felt like there was no air in my lungs and couldn’t breathe at all. When I went to Active Chiropractic and Message I learned that I had a misalignment in my spine! So my left side… Continue reading »

Dr Mukai is wonderful!!!

I saw major improvement after two weeks. My migraines have stopped since going to see Dr. Mukai This is a family owned practice and we couldn’t ask for a better team to be in our neighborhood. Jessica Thorndycraft

Experienced and knowledgeable!

Dr. Mukai is an excellent chiropractor. He is experienced and knowledgeable in his field and provides great patient care. I’ve been to many health professionals over the years and I would definitely recommend him. He loves what he does and cares about his patients. I was experiencing a lot of stiffness in my neck and… Continue reading »

No more migraines

This was my first time seeing a chiropractor and I am feeling GREAT. My migraines have stopped since going to see Dr. Mukai – he is one of the best! I was impressed by his concern for my overall health rather than just the immediate alleviation of my pain. While I’ve experienced short term results of his… Continue reading »

No more leg pain!

Active Wellness has been my first personal experience with a chiropractor, and the care I’ve received has been so good that it has dispelled the concerns and suspicions regarding chiropractors I went in with. I went due to a pain in my leg so severe I was often walking with a cane and could barely… Continue reading »

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