New Patient Process

Active Wellness Treatment Process

We understand that many patients may have questions about the chiropractic treatment process. Below is an outline of our treatment process, beginning with your first visit, but patients should also feel free to call us and ask any questions about the process.

Initial Visit

The first visit begins with a comprehensive consultation designed to listen to you. Your name, history, health concerns and apprehensions are vital to us understanding you and serving your wants and needs. We’ll talk about your injury and determine if the best treatment is chiropractic, or if you should be referred to another specialist. Following the history, a spinal and Musculo-skeletal/orthopedic examination will be performed to identify which structures in your body may be damaged and most likely causing your problems.

After completing a thorough examination, a postural and x-ray analysis is performed. This is a critical component of the initial patient visit and helps to determine if the patient is a candidate for care. (Accurately taken x-rays are like a blue-print of your spine.  They allow us to see where your spinal health is presently and what can be restored, stabilized, and protected. In addition, x-rays help us better predict the results under care, how long it will take to obtain normal postural alignment, and measure your progress.)

We aim to provide the report of findings the very next day from your initial visit. This is one of the most important visits for you to attend. We will discuss the findings of our exam, posture analysis, and x-rays. Countless times patients have told us they have never seen their x-rays or had a doctor take the time to talk with them about their ailments. We want to make sure you have made an informed decision regarding your health and future well being rather than just basing your health on “how you feel” on any given day.