Thank you for helping me through pregnancy

I visited Dr. Mukai for the first time when 35 weeks pregnant, after I found out that my baby was not in an optimal position (head down) for birth. Getting the baby to turn was necessary to avoid a c-section, so I was trying everything under the sun, including acupuncture, hypnosis, inversions, and also chiropractic. Dr. Mukai is familiar with “Webster’s technique” for balancing the pelvis and relaxing the round ligament that is important for giving baby enough room to move! I discovered over the course of my treatments that I didn’t realize how much hip/pelvis/ligament pain I was just dealing with daily, I thought it was just the normal pains of pregnancy, but after only a couple sessions I was feeling and moving much better. In fact, after only about 5 sessions with Dr. Mukai, we learned the baby had turned head down! I can’t say for sure it was solely due to our chiropractic sessions, but I believe it was definitely the most helpful of all the techniques in accomplishing this and also just making me feel so much better.

Amy Correa